Behind the Goddess

Kasandra T. Zavrie-Higdon

The goddess that blesses every batch that comes out of the oven. Although she is a self appointed Goddess, the magical powers she possesses is nothing to sniffle at. Each handmade macaron has been delicately handled and filled with sparkly love by the lovely Goddess herself.

Sarah Harris

A goddess’ partner in gooey, crispy crime, that is if delicious cream sandwiched between iconic crafted cookies is a crime. She manages the Goddess every next move, some would say she has the gift of future vision.

Dallas Higdon

Every Goddess needs their little angel. This craftsmen is the Pit to our Goddess’ Palutena. A delicious batch of macarons isn’t without their fair share of testers and of course, someone has to be brave enough to handle such raw magic.

Magic in Every Bite

Our cookies are crafted from time tested recipes kept in a Nomnomicon recipe book created by the goddess herself. Hundreds of cute little macarons have already been munched and enjoyed by plenty of companions and customers.
The ideology behind the flavors the Goddess crafts is a mixture between lovely familiar flavors and earthen bound pleasures. Our Goddess’ only wish is for everyone to enjoy her lovely macarons.

Macaron Ingredients List

Spring into these Macarons

Irish Cream

You would be extremely lucky to find this on the other side of the rainbow. A luscious coffee flavor blanketed with the Goddess’ already delicious recipe is sure to melt your heart of gold.

White Chocolate Raspberry Cream

Who needs a cupid when this little cookie is a cherub of love on it’s own. With rich white chocolate sweetening the cookie and real raspberries creating a mouth watering lace in the cream cheese frosting, you’ll know exactly who your next date is with.

Classic Macarons


The angelic white cookie is enhanced with vanilla to make this little macaron an instant favorite.

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A classic, a killer, and a beautiful treat that couldn’t ever be contested. Our chocolate cookie blasts enough cocoa that makes you feel like you’ve been experiencing chocolate all day and love it.

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Fall Favorite Macarons

Pumpkin Spice

The everlasting taste of fall that no one can deny. Pumpkin enriched cookie and filling with a generous amount of cinnamon that will give you a bite back when you sink your teeth into this dessert.

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Red Velvet

This lovely macaron is crafted with a double portion of real cocoa powder mixed in with red velvet flavors and color. The filling is buttercream cream cheese.

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Maple Bacon

A hearty maple cookie magically whisked together with a butter cream filling that has a healthy amount of bacon gives you a blessing with a devilish bit of protein. These contain real bacon, which means real meat!

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Holiday Flavors

Chocolate Mint with Mint Ganache

The combination of chocolate and mint washes away the holiday stress leaving the cool familiar tide of the winter breeze.

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Cinnamon Roll

Everything you love about the cinnamon roll wrapped up in a beautiful macaron package that gives you the crunch and soft filling you’ve come to expect.

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You should sell these.

Several friends Right after tasting our delicious macarons

You could enslave a small village with these.

Keith Directly after eating one of our maple bacon macarons.